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Time to Heat Up Your Winter!

Chipotle Apple Brandy Marinade
Primo's Chipotle Apple Brandy Marinade
Price: $8.00
Chipotle Apple Brandy Marinade
Sweet apples play on the tongue, for a moment you will forget there is heat in this bottle. But not for long, the big bite of smoked jalapeno will wake your mouth up big time! This is not for the faint of heart, folks, this is for spice & grill fanatics!
Double Stuffed Olives
Primo's Double Stuffed Olives
Price: $8.00
Double Stuffed Olives
Our Double Stuffed Olives are one of the jewels in our product line - a brilliant pairing of marinated whole garlic cloves and fresh jalapeno peppers, hand-stuffed into a huge California Queen olive. The combination is simple yet amazingly complex!
Spicy Crab Dip
Spicy Crab Dip
Price: $5.00
Spicy Crab Dip
There are few flavors more decadent than fresh ocean crab - luscious richness, salty & sweet. Mix into sour cream, and you have a nice dip! But we don't stop there - we punch it up with cayenne pepper for extra flavor! A highly addictive & unique dip!

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