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Welcome to Primo's Gourmet Salsa Seasoning Selection!

Primo's Gourmet Salsas

Our Primo's Salsa Seasonings are an 'All-In-One' Fiesta Spices
which you can use in a variety of ways!

Make your own salsa the fast, easy and tasty way; just add a couple
of tablespoons to chopped tomatoes, or even easier, a can of cut tomatoes!

Three flavors!  Check them out!

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Primo's Original Salsa Mix
Original Salsa Mix
Price: $20.00
Original Salsa Mix
Our Original Mix is our most popular salsa mix, a perfect blend of seasonings and just the right 'bite' of heat (slightly spicier than 'mild'). The classic salsa flavor shines with garlic, cilantro & jalapeno.
Primo's Habanero Salsa Mix
Habanero Salsa Mix
Price: $20.00
Habanero Salsa Mix
This is our Original recipe on a heat kick, folks! Our Original has a nice bite, with jalapeno, red chilies and cayenne, but now ramp that up by switching the jalapeno for spicy habanero! Not for the faint of spice, folks!
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